TVxf HDTV Antenna


  1. Performance, Compact,  Indoor/Outdoor fully assembled TV antenna package to receive over the air broadband TV signal including Hi-VHF and UHF  Digital, 720P, 1080i High Definition TV (HDTV), and the latest 4K (when available) Ultra HD TV signals with  outstanding picture quality.

  • Cut your cable TV bill to zero, enjoy free TV, Ideal for Cord Cutters. Start Saving Money Today.  Complete kit, ready to install and use, when installed using 5m/16 ft included wire. 

  • Don't forget to program/scan your TV for channels. 
  • 1. Menu.
  • 2. Setting or Antenna or Channel or Tuning band.
  • 3. Choose Air between cable and Air. (important)
  • 4. Search for Channels. 

The best time to scan is at night.  The YouTube may have a video to help you in this task, your user manual also contains instruction for scanning/programming on-air broadcast TV stations.  

  • Here is what Customers are saying:

  1. " Antenna with great performance: I am happy that I bought four TVxf Indoor/Outdoor HDTV multi - use antenna. It is simple to install. Instructions were clear and concise It is an awesome product. Now, I receive/view lots of channels. A completely satisfying experience for me. It is good value for the money.  Even product packing is beautifully designed. Overall it is an antenna which I will recommend to everyone. Pembroke Pines, FL "
  2. " Excellent thanks, Boston, MA "
  3. "It worked pretty well actually.  Got an impressive amount of channels.  I live in a pretty well insulated pre-war building, and I don’t really have a window that faces the best direction.  But yes it worked. That is a very neat product you have created.  New York"
  4. "I’ve got 60 free, crystal clear channels!! That is with the antenna inside! I will see if moving it outdoors adds any more. Phoenix, AZ"

  • Use RG6 cable for longer runs or even better reception. Use existing Cable splitter box to feed multiple TV.

  • Outperforms TV antenna 20 times its size, buy the technology and not the aluminum, will change your perception of how TV antenna should look and perform. Easy indoor or outdoor installation.

  • This antenna can be used for improving reception and  extending range of remote gate operation.  The remote access control gate controller work at 318 and 433 MHz, and you can connect the antenna to the gate controller usually located in the motor housing.

  • An important item for your Emergency Preparedness Kit for Hurricanes, Internet and cable outage.

  • Ideal for RV and Boat owners and other application where the signal frequency lies in Hi-VHF to one GHz, Exceeds FCC's projected  TV reception maps.


If you like to know what broadcast/on-air Digital TV signal you can receive where the antenna will be installed,  click on the link above, enter your zip code or address to discover what on-air TV coverage you have in your area. You may have to scroll down the FCC's web page a bit to see the list of the stations in tabular form and clicking on each station shows the direction for your antenna for this station on the map below the table.

  • For other helpful hints on getting most out of your TVxF Antenna check the support page,  download and consult the installation manual.

  • You may also receive low power stations normally not listed on FCC's web page.

  • TVxf® is registered trade mark of the TVxf LLC.  and the design of this product and it components are covered by one or more Copyrights and Patents.

Designed and MADE in Doral Florida U.S