High Definition Digital TV Antenna (HDTV) including 4K

High Definition Digital TV Antenna (HDTV) including 4K

TVxf HDTV Antenna

On-Air Broadcast TV with TVxf HDTV Antenna

TVxf Antenna VSWR response curves is below 3db in the range. Indicating best signal transmission.

  • Ready to be surprised. 
  • An elegant, compact high performance indoor or outdoor TVxf-HDTV antenna has been designed to receive over the air Hi-VHF and UHF television broadcast signals. This antenna is capable of receiving Digital, Analog, 720P, 1080i High Definition TV (HDTV), and the latest 4K Ultra HD TV signals, with this antenna the picture quality is truly outstanding. NOTE:  OLD ANALOG TV WILL NOT WORK IN UNITED STATES AS THERE ARE NO ANALOG TV BROADCAST.
  • TVxf HDTV antenna out performs antenna 10 times its size, easy to install, with not much fuss about the direction.  The lightweight laser cut aluminum design with UV resistant housing material makes it capable of withstanding the outdoor environment, and its elegant design adds to any interior decor. 
  • Easy to Install. It can be installed indoor and outdoor, tape to a window, install on the drywall using included thumb tacks, or permanently mounted using provided screws. It does not need any external AC or DC power. 
  • Receives from from front and back, and very forgiving when it comes to pointing the antenna in the right direction. 
  • This antenna can be used for improving reception and  extending range of remote gate operation.  The remote access control gate controller work at 318 and 433 MHz, and you can connect the antenna to the gate controller usually located in the motor housing.
  • Ideal for RV and Boat owners and other application where the signal frequency lies in Hi-VHF to one GHz.

If you wonder what Digital TV signal you can receive where the antenna will be installed,  click on the link below, enter your zip code or address to discover what on-air TV coverage you have in your area. You may have to scroll down the page a bit to see the list of the stations.


  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has created a web page to show what Digital TV stations you can receive in your area, with their respective signal strength, using FCC's web page you can also locate the transmission tower location and direction with respect to your location, and point your antenna in the direction of the transmission stations. Please note that TV signal travels in a straight line between the TV station transmission tower and your antenna. 
  • For other helpful hints on getting most out of your TVxf Antenna check the support page,  download and consult the installation manual.
  • Once on FCC's website, you can click on each station's Call Sign in the list and the map on the page will show the station information, signal strength and the direction the transmitters are from your location. You can click on all Call Signs of all stations  to show all the transmitter locations on the map simultaneously.
  •  TVxf HDTV Antenna will work well, if you choose an average direction, the  antenna receives signal from the front and back.
  • You may also receive low power stations normally not listed on FCC's web page; as they are intended to cover small neighborhoods within 5-10 miles. 
  • We have found you can receive all strong and most of the moderate stations when TVxf Antenna is installed outside. With an indoor installation , you will receive most if not all stations with strong signal in your area. 

DTV Reception Maps - Federal Communications Commission.

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